Recovery Asset

Because of the Fae, I am one lucky bastard. You can trust me on that.

Which is a good thing. Because while I was searching for a missing person, I happened upon the man of my dreams. Unfortunately, he was mostly naked, glistening with oil, and chained to the wall in an ultra-exclusive club ran by an underground sex slave business.

And I’m going to need every ounce of luck the Fae gave me to get us both out of there alive.


What did the Fae make of me? A thief, plain and simple.

But one night things go terribly wrong, and I, myself, am stolen. Now I find myself locked in a small storage unit with no windows and, even worse, no locks to pick that will enable my escape.

I’m sure by now the Fae think I’m a runaway. That means they will have sent their recovery asset after me. While the thought of being “recovered” by a man I’ve heard horror stories about is terrifying, the thought of staying here, locked into this small space with the man of my dreams, my newly found life-mate, a simple wall away is unbearable.

Somehow, someway, I’m going to get out of here. And I’m taking my mate with me.

Queen’s Quest

I’m the Fae’s recovery asset. I’m big, and as my new friend, Travis, puts it–even my muscles have muscles. That’s because I work out–a lot. You have to be ready if your next Fae request may require you to track and bring down a demon. My special powers, if you will, are those of luck and trust.

Lucas Gray is an entirely different kind of asset. He is the queen’s personal thief. There isn’t a lock made that boy can’t crack within seconds. His special power is that of blending into his surroundings. At his will, he can literally blend with the shadows. He is a very, very good thief.

But now the Fae have taken something very precious from us: our life-mates. And it’s going to take all of our abilities combined to get them back.

NOTE: These mm gay romance/gay urban fantasy stories contain explicit scenes and are intended for mature readers only.

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